Console Management: Network Enable Legacy Routers

Today’s networks employ multiple telecommunications devices – hubs, routers and modems – many costly and cumbersome.  Router management is a key productivity issue for IT staff. Losses from downtime are estimated at 1% of annual revenue each year for businesses with over 100 employees.  Most network monitoring agents are expensive. iPocket232’s proven Device Networking products are designed for remote console access, simplifying remote router configuration and management. Products such as the iPocket232 and Ether232DUO provide a reliable path into remote equipment through a Telnet session. Their compact size makes these devices ideal for telecommunication applications, taking up minimal real estate amongst other equipment.

Network Monitoring Solutions

Out of Band Management – iPocket232 devices provide bi-directional communications between the equipment and server, providing remote network capabilities, increasing IT management efficiency and reducing overall maintenance costs. The operator has 24-hour access to the console ports of remote equipment.  This communication link is independent from the main communication system – – Out of Band Management.

Send Alerts for Fail-Safe Operation – The iPocket232 sits behind the firewall, connected to the LAN via the ethernet port.  It can be powered by UPS for fail-safe operation.  It sends ‘heartbeats’ to the Device Management Server at regularly scheduled intervals.  It a heartbeat is missed, an alert is sent out via SMS or email.



  • Low-cost approach to router management
  • Simplified remote  router maintenance and configuration
  • Enhanced functionality of existing routers