Broadcasting Systems: Remote Monitoring and Management

iPocket232 Inc’s Device Networking products connect legacy Rs232 broadcasting equipment to an IP network, allowing it to be remotely monitored and controlled from a central location. The solution is as simple as plug and play; the user simply connects the serial port of the legacy device to the serial/Ethernet adapter, instantly network-enabling it by connecting to the company’s LAN/WAN or other IP network.


These devices provide stations with an extremely flexible and cost-effective way to network-enable serial equipment. Using a iPocket232 Inc. device reduces the personnel costs associated with monitoring serial broadcasting equipment in local and/or remote areas, such as microwave stations, weather sensors, and transmitters, because the equipment is monitored in real time from a central location on the network, using a standard PC.

Additional cost savings are realized as the solution extends the service life of broadcasting equipment, prolonging new capital investment. While users most commonly choose to connect serial broadcasting equipment to an existing LAN/WAN, iPocket232 Inc. offers products which can connect via a point-to-point protocol (PPP) dial up connection to an ISP, or even to a wireless IP network where there is no existing network infrastructure.


  • Reduced personnel and communications costs
  • Remote administration & diagnostics
  • Extend service life of legacy equipment
  • Simple, seamless installation and performance