iPocket232’s device networking products provide a cost-effective, reliable tool to IT staff in the management and networking of serial RS232 devices and applications. You can manage cameras in remote broadcasting locations, link IP PBXs with serial-based property management systems or gain access to alarm systems using wireless phones. iPocket232 products help improve operations by eliminating the need for modems or dedicated PCs and enabling enterprise and remote data sharing.


iPocket232’s device networking products are used in over 200 applications in more than 85 countries around the world. Device networking products address common legacy communications challenges such as:

  • Reducing cabling requirements
  • Accessing data from remote legacy devices
  • Facilitating communications between an IP device and a legacy application
  • Accessing a networked device remotely without compromising network security
  • Low cost wireless access to Ethernet devices


PBX System – Network and Integral Serial and IP PBX Systems with Other Applications
As IP PBX systems grow in popularity, a common challenge has emerged for IT staff: integrating critical legacy-based applications such as SMDR and Property Management Systems with an IP PBX.  Conversely, there is a significant installed base of legacy serial-based PBX systems that cannot communicate with newer, Ethernet-based applications. The solution: low cost device networking products with serial RS232 ports and an Ethernet interface.

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Broadcasting Systems – Monitor and Manage Remote Legacy Broadcasting Equipment over an IP Network
iPocket232 Inc’s Device Networking products connect legacy Rs232 broadcasting equipment to an IP network, allowing it to be remotely monitored and controlled from a central location. The solution is as simple as plug and play; the user simply connects the serial port of the legacy device to the serial/Ethernet adapter, instantly network-enabling it by connecting to the company’s LAN/WAN or other IP network.

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Console Management- Network Enable Legacy Routers for Simple Remote Management
Ideally designed for remote console access, the iPocket232 Inc.’s proven Device Networking products simplify remote router configuration and management. Products such as the iPocket232 provide a reliable path into remote equipment through a Telnet session. Their compact size make these devices ideal for telecommunication applications, taking up minimal real estate amongst other equipment.

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