Medical Devices

Serial – based medical devices such as patient monitors, blood analyzers, infusion pumps and ultrasound units can be connected to an IP LAN/WAN.  Ethernet connectivity facilitates data sharing amongst medical personnel, the elimination of modems, and simplified monitoring and management of devices throughout a facility.

Data Sharing

By connecting this equipment to the LAN/WAN, patient care data can flow directly from a serial device to a nurse’s station or physician’s office, allowing busy medical personnel to access patient information locally or remotely, improving the efficiency of patient care.

Operational Improvements

Beyond data sharing, networking medical equipment offers other benefits, including integration with mission-critical ethernet-based applications. The cost of operating legacy medical equipment can be reduced, when replacing modem pools or eliminating dedicated PCs for each device. Time spent updating records and correcting inaccurate transcription is reduced, and I.T. Departments have an improved ability to manage the equipment on their network.

Working together with iPocket232 Inc.’s device networking products is Network Management , iPocket232 Inc.’s management server. The management server facilitates enhanced management, monitoring and device deployment. From remotely assigning, configuring and updating units, to identifying problem areas on the network, Network Management is always working to make the transition to IP an easy one.


  • Remote access to medical equipment for real-time data sharing amongst medical professionals
  • Seamless integration with existing equipment and applications
  • Retain investment in costly legacy medical equipment
  • Improved device monitoring and management
  • Eliminates need for modems and dedicated PCs
  • Management server streamlines deployment and management