iPocket232 Inc.’s device networking adapters help integrate legacy RS232 equipment such as AS400s, weigh scales or scanners with newer, network-enabled applications and systems for more efficient operations. Seamless to existing systems and simple to configure, these adapters enable low-cost machine to machine communications over a LAN/WAN. Real-time remote data access, simplified cabling and the ability to retrofit older equipment with IP capability makes iPocket232 Inc. products the right choice.


iPocket232 Inc.’s device networking products are used in over 200 applications in more than 85 countries around the world. Device networking products feature one or more legacy interfaces (RS232), with one or more Ethernet ports (LAN/WAN).

Device networking products address common legacy communications challenges such as:

  • Reducing cabling requirements
  • Accessing data from remote legacy devices
  • Facilitating communications between an IP device and a legacy application
  • Accessing a networked device remotely without compromising network security
  • Low cost wireless access to Ethernet devices


AS/400 Connectivity
iPocket232 Inc.’s Device Networking products can connect serial RS232 devices such as scales, control systems and conveyor devices to an AS/400 using an existing LAN/WAN backbone. This solution transparently tunnels RS232 data to the host AS/400 via Ethernet. The feature rich iPocket232 Inc. device offers a series of remote administration options, including monitoring via a web browser, configuration using a Telnet client, and scheduled downloads during system downtime. As well, these devices simplify the infrastructure with reduced cabling requirements.

Electronic Signs/Displays
iPocket232 Inc.’s Device Networking products make remote control of RS232 based electronic displays in outdoor or indoor applications possible. Our devices provides a simple RS232 to Ethernet interface, enabling serial data transmissions over Ethernet networks. With this solution, multiple electronic signs are programmable from any PC on the network. The devices offer access via Telnet, standard web browser, Async COM Port, or COM Re-Direct.

Scanner Data
iPocket232 Inc. provides simple RS232 to Ethernet conversion that enables companies to transmit scanner data over their LAN/WAN. Supporting both fixed and mobile applications, iPocket232 Inc. devices can connect scanners to the network via Ethernet.

The iPocket232, which features one serial RS232 port, and an Ethernet port, can connect via the serial port to a weigh scale, converting the data to IP. Data from this scale is then accessible from any PC on the corporate network, and the weigh scale can communicate with other software programs on the network.


Benefits of using iPocket232 Inc.’s Device Networking products to network serial based manufacturing systems include:

  • More efficient access to data
  • Prolongs the useful life of existing equipment
  • Eliminates requirement for dedicated PCs for devices
  • Allows legacy and Ethernet systems to communicate over the same network
  • Facilitates remote management of devices
  • Minimizes cabling requirements

Lower Costs

Speed Time-to-Market

Fully Networking Manufacturing Systems