Enable simple device networking with iPocket232 Inc. serial to Ethernet adapters for intelligent buildings without costly upgrades to HVAC, security or access control equipment. The ability to retrofit existing RS232 based systems provides valuable flexibility in implementing a building automation strategy. Real-time data access can streamline processes and optimize resource allocation.


iPocket232 Inc.’s device networking products are used in over 200 applications in more than 85 countries around the world. Device networking products feature one or more legacy interfaces (RS232), with one or more Ethernet ports (LAN/WAN).

Device networking products address common legacy communications challenges such as:

  • Reducing cabling requirements
  • Accessing data from remote legacy devices
  • Facilitating communications between an IP device and a legacy application
  • Accessing a networked device remotely without compromising network security
  • Low cost wireless access to Ethernet devices


Access Control/Security
Connect legacy security/access control equipment to an enterprise LAN/WAN without regard to distance. By networking security equipment like CCTV cameras and badge readers, stand-alone systems can be monitored, controlled and accessed in real-time from a central location, optimizing resources and improving response time. In addition, some iPocket232 Inc. products deliver data security features such as SSL encryption and firewalling, protecting sensitive data on the network.

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Network legacy serial HVAC equipment such as Andover controls over a facility’s existing LAN/WAN. Large organizations like school boards and hospitals are taking advantage of this solution to minimize on-site HVAC visits for maintenance or administration staff. With the ability to remotely access HVAC equipment and diagnostic data from any PC on the network, malfunctions can be easily detected, maintaining optimal climate control.

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Metering Devices
Connect serial metering devices to an organizational LAN or WAN. Seamless to existing equipment, iPocket232 Inc. device networking products provide access to system data from any PC on the network and can handle simultaneous routing of data and diagnostics to multiple locations. Real-time access to key information including relative circuit usage and activity enables organizations to manage their utility costs better and improve operating efficiency.


  • Real-time access to data from a central location
  • Simultaneous routing of data to multiple destinations
  • Secures data on private or public networks with SSL encryption and firewalling
  • Automatic dial back-up on some products minimizes downtime in case of network failure
  • NetVu delivers monitoring, management and remote deployment
  • Maintain investment in existing legacy equipment