Manage, Monitor and Remotely access Serial-Based Equipment over a Network. Powering over 200 applications in more than 85 countries around the world, iPocket232’s serial networking adapters are a simple, cost effective solution to many common networking challenges.


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iPocket232’s serial networking adapters are used in a wide range of industries, from building automation to healthcare, in hundreds of unique applications. These applications include:

PBX Connectivity
Simple Legacy/Ethernet Networking for PBX Systems

As IP PBX systems grow in popularity, a common challenge has emerged for IT staff: integrating critical legacy-based applications such as SMDR and Property Management Systems with an IP PBX.  Conversely, there is a significant installed base of legacy serial-based PBX systems that cannot communicate with newer, Ethernet-based applications. The solution: low cost device networking products with serial RS232 ports and an Ethernet interface.


iPocket232’s device networking products for PBX feature one or more serial RS232 ports, and an Ethernet port. Products such as the iPocket can connect legacy PBX systems to an enterprise Ethernet network via the RS232 port. Conversely, The iPocket adapter can integrate legacy RS232-based applications (such as PMS in hotels), with newer IP PBX systems.

For use with PBXs from all manufacturers including Mitel, NEC, Nortel and Avaya, this simple ‘plug and play’ solution maximizes the use of data and enhances operational efficiency. For simple deployment and enhanced management of PBX systems, iPocket232 offers the NetVu management server. This tool suite is designed to streamline deployment and support with alerts, remote application download and monitoring.

PBX Connectivity

Access Control/Security Equipment
Connect legacy security/access control equipment to an enterprise LAN/WAN without regard to distance. By networking security equipment like CCTV cameras and badge readers, stand-alone systems can be monitored, controlled and accessed in real-time from a central location, optimizing resources and improving response time.


  • Real-time access to data from a central location
  • Simultaneous routing of data to multiple destinations
  • Automatic dial back-up on some products minimizes downtime in case of network failure
  • NetVu delivers monitoring, management and remote deployment
  • Maintain investment in existing legacy equipment
Networking SCADA Systems
Since iPocket232’s products are protocol independent, they bring together serial and Ethernet-based SCADA devices from multiple vendors over an ethernet or wireless network. Managed and monitored by iPocket232’s management server, these products are easy to install and configure, and deliver features including SSL, automatic routing to a backup for disaster recovery, and remote access to device data.


  • Low cost serial networking and routing
  • Eliminates cost of upgrading legacy equipment
  • Simplified real-time device monitoring and management
  • Highly reliable and secure with alerts
  • Lowers installation and support costs


Console Management
Ideally designed for remote console access, the iPocket232’s proven Device Networking products simplify remote router configuration and management. Products such as the iPocket232 provide a reliable path into remote equipment through a Telnet session. Their compact size make these devices ideal for telecommunication applications, taking up minimal real estate amongst other equipment. With the iPocket232, the operator has 24-hour access to the console ports of remote equipment, eliminating numerous visits for programming or troubleshooting. This communication link is independent from the main communication system, thus the designation of Out of Band Management.


  • Low-cost approach to router management
  • Simplified remote  router maintenance and configuration
  • Enhanced functionality of existing routers


The serial networking product line delivers several key benefits to users and partners:

Simple to Install and Operate
Designed for plug and play installation, these products allow device access via a standard web browser for remote configuration and monitoring. The devices can also be configured locally or via Telnet. Their onboard web servers allow the user to load a custom webpage onto the device. Many are available with NetVu, iPocket232’s management server, which delivers more detailed data on device and network status.
Network Management Facilitates Enhanced Management and Support
This user-friendly web-based user interface displays data critical to support staff an organizations, facilitating more efficient 24/7 support. From network uptime reports to device log files, Network Management delivers a host of data to those supporting networked devices.
Cost Effective
Priced competitively, iPocket232’s serial networking adapters are a fraction of the cost of upgrading serial-based equipment and applications, and deliver operational savings by decreasing support, monitoring and administration costs. They can also eliminate the capital and maintenance costs of modems and dedicated PCs for device access in many applications.