Fuel Tank Monitoring


By networking a tank monitor such as the Veeder Root S350, operators can access data on inventory levels from a local PC. Once networked, tank monitors can also be set up for remote access by fuel distributors, making delivery schedules more efficient. The iPocket232 is a compact, single port RS232 to ethernet adapter. Connecting to the tank monitor via its serial port, the iPocket232 is a low cost solution to networking tank monitors. The iPocket232 is unobtrusive and can be wall mounted for convenience. For stores with multiple devices to connect, including ATMs or Ruby terminals, a tank monitor can be networked using the multiport POSLynxDUO. The POSLynxDUO is a payment appliance, featuring multiple serial and ethernet ports, as well as USB for wireless back-up.


  • Simplified remote access to data on inventory level reduces support costs
  • More efficient fuel delivery, with remote access to fuel levels
  • Deployed, managed and monitored by Network Management Server for more efficient support