Improving network access can help c-stores and retail outlets where speed, customer service and cost of data communications are of utmost importance. Whether it is connecting a bar code reader or other stand-alone peripherals, integrating POS devices into the business can help improve efficiency.

iPocket232 Inc. offers device networking hardware that meets the needs of convenience store and retail customers and their system integrators.


Convenience stores need a low cost network access solution that can be installed in an unattended manner. The unit is shipped to the location, and plugged in by the merchant. The Configuration is remotely set up and downloaded as soon as it is plugged in. It is remotely managed to allow updates and alerts to be handled by the help desk. can create a secure tunnel to a central host, using the POSLynxDuo. Features wireless back-up via USB port.

Device Networking

In-store broadband network access can deliver faster transactions, lower cost voice and data communications, as well as more efficient operations. iPocket232 Inc.’s single and multiport access devices make simple, cost effective connectivity for c-store equipment possible.


Fuel Tank Monitoring
By networking a tank monitor such as the Veeder Root S350, operators can access data on inventory levels from a local PC. Once networked, tank monitors can also be set up for remote access by fuel distributors, making delivery schedules more efficient. The iPocket232 is a compact, single port RS232 to ethernet adapter. Connecting to the tank monitor via its serial port, the iPocket232 is a low cost solution to networking tank monitors. The iPocket232 is unobtrusive and can be wall mounted for convenience. For stores with multiple devices to connect, including ATMs, a tank monitor can be networked using the multiport POSLynxDUO. The POSLynxDUO is a payment appliance, featuring multiple serial and ethernet ports, as well as USB for wireless back-up.

Remote Fueling Sites
A POSLynx series device allows unmanned fleet fueling sites to transmit faster, more reliable transactions over a VPN or public internet, eliminating modems and dedicated dial lines for a cost savings to the petroleum company. With the same payment appliance, which features multiple ports, onsite security cameras can be monitored and managed remotely by a nearby retail store or corporate office, using a standard web browser. A key issue at remote fueling sites, fuel card security is improved using the POSLynx. By integrating the fuel dispenser and onsite video surveillance system on the WAN, operators can search and view video based on transaction information. This transaction information is displayed with the video and has proven to be instrumental in helping customers identify misuse of their fuel cards.

Finally, the POSLynx appliance allows the petroleum company or its network provider to access the fuel dispenser, or any of its onsite equipment remotely for application downloads, updates, and diagnostics. Certified with major vendors such as Gilbarco and March Networks, as well as processors , the solution is easy to deploy using NetVu’s remote deployment capability.

Check Processing
From store shelves to inventory warehousing, high volume convenience store and grocery merchants face the real-estate challenge on a daily basis – finding more space for the products they sell, and the tools to operate their businesses. At the point-of-sale (POS) check out counter, advancements in payment technology have dictated the need for cash registers, payment terminals and pinpads, as well as additional equipment like check card readers and printers, to coexist in a very small space.

The iPocket232, which has the capability to power any 5/9V device, offers a unique benefit to merchants with congested checkout counters. While simultaneously converting the transactions to IP for improved speed, it also powers the Trans330/380 terminal, eliminating the need for a power adapter. In effect, two devices share one adapter and one outlet, reducing both cabling and power requirements at the countertop. This seemingly small savings in space has a dramatic impact on grocery and convenience store merchants. Adding to the ‘de-cluttering’ of the check out counter, the iPocket232 is easily mounted under the counter and out of sight.

Convenience Stores like Toot n’Totum Convenience Stores used this system to process transactions and authorize checks. To read more (click here).