iPocket232 Inc. legacy conversion routers and wireless adapters connect widely dispersed equipment ranging from temperature sensors to sagometers to flow valves over an Ethernet or wireless network. They are the practical solution for integrating legacy energy systems with newer IP networks easily and cost-effectively. Not only do our adapters and routers help you work better, they can help reduce communications costs by eliminating modem dependence and long distance dialing charges.


iPocket232 Inc.’s device networking products are used in over 200 applications in more than 85 countries around the world. Device networking products feature one or more legacy interfaces (RS232), with one or more Ethernet ports (LAN/WAN).

Device networking products address common legacy communications challenges such as:

  • Reducing cabling requirements
  • Accessing data from remote legacy devices
  • Facilitating communications between an IP device and a legacy application
  • Accessing a networked device remotely without compromising network security
  • Low cost wireless access to Ethernet devices


Since iPocket232 Inc.’s products are protocol independent, they bring together serial and Ethernet-based SCADA devices from multiple vendors over an ethernet or wireless network. Managed and monitored by iPocket232 Inc.’s management server, these products are easy to install and configure, and deliver features including SSL, automatic routing to a backup for disaster recovery, and remote access to device data.


Since iPocket232 Inc.’s products are protocol independent, the iPocket232 can connect modern access controllers through a mining or other facility spanning hundreds of miles to an existing wireless IP LAN.

  • iPocket232 connects to wireless LAN
  • Transmits 30,000+ transactions/day
  • Eliminates dedicated PC & personnel at each access point
  • Real-time access to controller data 24/7, from any location on the network