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Guide Name Petroleum Products
iPocket232 User Manual LynxFuel (coming soon)
Ether232DUO User Manual PosFuel-24 (coming soon)
XFuel-24 (coming soon)

Device Server

Help Guides

Guide Name Product Line Description
Com Port Control Compliance Device Networking The Com Port Control (RFC2217) and flow control commands supported by the Device Networking products.
Connecting with Telnet Device Networking How to connect to device’s configuration screen using telnet.
Connector Pin Assignments All The pin-out diagrams for ports on networking devices
Converting and Downloading Static Web Pages All How to convert your HTML pages and associated files using Webconvert, and then download to networking devices.
DHCP Administrator Device Networking How to configure your networking unit. unit to allow dynamically allocated IP addresses with DHCP.
Firmware Download Local Device Networking How to download the latest software to the unit using terminal emulation software (obtain from iPocket232)
Firmware Download Remote Device Networking
Modem Connection Control Device Networking The commands and features available when using the Modem Connection Control option.
SNMP Settings and Compliance Device Networking How to use the SNMP settings in your device
Using Hyperterminal All How to set up HyperTerminal to configure to your device

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Device Management Server
Management Server FAQs
Administrator Guide
Management Server Release Notes


iPocket232 Brochure


Ether232DUO Brochure

Device Management Server

Device Management Server Brochure

iPocket232 Inc. offers valuable software tools that can be used with our devices to maximize their functionality. View the following sections for more information on tools for testing, web page conversion and com port redirect software. We also have available for download our Open Source code.
The COM Port Redirector Serial/IP software is a general-purpose redirector client that lets applications on Windows-based systems use shared resources on serial servers. This software is compatible with numerous serial servers that use open TCP/IP protocols. You can configure Windows applications to communicate with COM ports on a remote serial server as if they were local to the PC.

iPocket232 Inc. has partnered with Tactical Software, a provider of COM Port Redirector (Serial/IP) software. You can purchase the COM Port Redirector or trial for 30 days.

Request COM Port Redirector Software