Check Processing


From store shelves to inventory warehousing, high volume convenience store and grocery merchants face the real-estate challenge on a daily basis – finding more space for the products they sell, and the tools to operate their businesses. At the point-of-sale (POS) check out counter, advancements in payment technology have dictated the need for cash registers, payment terminals and pinpads, as well as additional equipment like check card readers and printers, to coexist in a very small space.

The iPocket232, which has the capability to power any 5/9V device, offers a unique benefit to merchants with congested checkout counters. While simultaneously converting the transactions to IP for improved speed, it also powers the Trans330/380 terminal, eliminating the need for a power adapter. In effect, two devices share one adapter and one outlet, reducing both cabling and power requirements at the countertop. This seemingly small savings in space has a dramatic impact on grocery and convenience store merchants. Adding to the ‘de-cluttering’ of the check out counter, the iPocket232 is easily mounted under the counter and out of sight.

Convenience Stores like Toot n’Totum Convenience Stores used this system to process transactions and authorize checks. Read more (click here).


Convenience stores and other retailers realize several benefits by deploying the iPocket232:

  • Reduced Communication Costs: By migrating from a dedicated dial line, which typically costs $50 per month, onto an existing broadband network, merchants realize a monthly cost savings
  • Reduced Space Requirement at the Countertop: When connected to a 5 or 9V payment terminal or check reader, the iPocket232 simultaneously powers the terminal, eliminating a power adapter, and conserving valuable space at the countertop. The iPocket232 can also be conveniently mounted underneath counters.
  • Retain Investment in Existing POS Equipment: With iPocket Inc., there is no need to replace or upgrade reliable existing equipment. Merchants can realize all of the benefits of IP without the cost of system replacement.